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Sunny Acres Raw Honey

Sunny Acres Raw Honey

One - 16 oz. jar of raw honey

"Hi folks, I just placed an order with you guys. I keep placing orders because our whole family is so pleased with your products. Since I've already bragged about your meats, allow me to mention another item you sell that is delicious. I love honey so I've enjoyed eating your Sunny Acres Raw Honey for awhile now, but a couple of weeks ago my husband, who "doesn't like honey", decided to try it. He's now hooked on the stuff so I'm ordering more. Thanks so much for offering such wonderful stuff." ~Renee, Ballwin, Missouri
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Pure, natural, unheated honey from Sunny Acres' bees.  Honey is expected to be history's oldest agricultural product, Egyptians farmed honey 3,000 years ago.  Raw honey has long been used for healing wounds and as a preservative, due to its antibacterial properties  Truly raw honey will crystallize, while heated honey will remain in a liquid state along with losing the healthy benefits of raw.

16 ounces per bottle of Sunny Acres Raw Honey.
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