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Tender Grassfed Meat recipe book -mailed separately via USPS

Tender Grassfed Meat recipe book -mailed separately via USPS

1 - Tender Grassfed Meat - Traditional Ways to Cook Healthy Meat by author Stanley A. Fishman (ships separately via USPS)
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Tender Grassfed Meat: Traditional Ways to Cook Healthy Meat is shows you how to prepare grassfed meat so it comes out tender and delicious every time.

Beef, bison, and lamb are at their healthy best when they have been fed only the food they were designed to eat — grass. This is the meat that humankind has thrived on for thousands of years. Now, people are rediscovering the health benefits and wonderful taste of these traditional meats. Tender Grassfed Meat adapts traditional ways of cooking grassfed meat for modern kitchens. The results have to be tasted to be believed.

Grassfed meat is leaner, denser, less watery, and far more flavorful than other meat. It must be cooked differently. All the recipes in this book have been specifically created and designed for grassfed meat, using only the best natural ingredients. The step-by-step recipes shared in this 212 page book are detailed and easy to use.

Author Stanley A. Fishman has assembled a collection of recipes that will leave both your mind and body nourished!

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