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Beef Pemmican - Honey/Cherry Free Bar

Beef Pemmican - Honey/Cherry Free Bar

1 (2.2 oz) Pemmican Stick
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Our Honey & Cherry-Free Pemmican bar consists only of dried beef, tallow and sea salt.  Powerlifters and professional athletes are fans pemmican consumption prior to competitions for the concentrated energy and protein delivered without additives or preservatives.

Enjoying pemmican direct from the freezer is an excellent way to  prevent a soft texture. When thawed 10-20 minutes, the bars have the texture of a candy bar. 2.2 ounce bars will average 45% tallow and 55% dried jerky.

Ingredients: beef jerky, beef tallow, water, sea salt. 

All of our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

This product is AIP-friendly, for more information visit our blog. 

Questions about Pemmican storage or recipes?  Visit our Pemmican Blog Page

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