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BBQ Hickory Smoked Partially Cooked Beef Back Rib

BBQ Hickory Smoked Partially Cooked Beef Back Rib

- BBQ Hickory Smoked Back Ribs
- 1-2 slabs per package
- Total weight ~1 lb
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Barbecued hickory smoked grass-fed beef back ribs are finger-licking good.  The U.S. Wellness office staff has been most impressed with this recipe and we think you will be too!  All of our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

USDA will not allow cooking to the point of falling off the bone; consequently, we suggest you cook for about an additional hour to complete the cooking process.   Our favorite method is to use a crockpot set to a low temperature for 1-2 hours- easy and delicious!

Package weighs approximately 1.0 pound and delivers in 1-2 slabs of ribs. Enjoy!

Ingredients: beef back ribs, sea salt, non-allergenic spices (includes pepper and thyme), extractive of onion and garlic.
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