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Beef Gelatin

Beef Gelatin

14 oz Beef Gelatin
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Jolt your immune system and connective tissue with one of the best kept secrets in health and wellness.

Beef gelatin is a thicker, richer variety of our beef stock, and is packed with nutrient-dense marrow, reduced cartilage, and bone minerals.

Sourced from our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef bones, the health benefits are endless, and known by our ancestors for centuries.

In short, beef gelatin is a secret weapon in your kitchen that will create instant wow flavor to many of your entrees. Beef gelatin works overtime to exceed the apple in keeping the doctor away!

Ingredients: beef stock (filtered water, beef bones, onion, carrot, celery, parsley, thyme, black malabar peppercorn, bay leaf), sherry vinegar

Once thawed, the gelatin will keep in the refrigerator for ~3 weeks, and we recommend freezing for long term storage. 

Questions about bone stock or gelatin?  Visit our Bones & Broth Blog.

Each container is 14 oz on average.  
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