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Thai Marinated Sirloin Snacks

Thai Marinated Sirloin Snacks

4 oz - Thai Marinated Sirloin Snacks (cooked to rare)
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We've been getting many requests to add more heat & serve items to our menu, so we are excited to introduce the Thai Marinated Sirloin Snacks!  These handy snacks are cut from the sirloin, sliced thin, marinated slowly, and then cooked to rare.  They can be eaten right out of the package or heated slightly if you prefer your meat a little more done.  They are packaged in 4 oz sizes for a quick lunch or dinner anytime! 

The steaks are marinated in up to 10% solution of coconut aminos (aged coconut sap), apple cider, apple juice (apples), cilantro, lime juice, ginger, onions, garlic, sea salt, lime zest, black malabar pepper.

Each package weighs in at 4 oz.
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