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Whole Ribeye Primal

Whole Ribeye Primal

1 - Frozen Grass-fed Whole Ribeye Primal ~6.25 lbs
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Do you enjoy cutting your own steaks and saving money at the same time?  Then this is the choice for you!  Sharpen your knife, as this incredible grass-fed selection is ready for your cutting board and waiting to be portioned into ribeyes made to your personal specifications. 

This is the exact same sub-primal we use to create our 15 oz ribeye steaks.  Our ribeye steaks are so popular, you won't see these primals in stock very often- so take advantage when they are available!  This primal may also be prepared as a whole muscle prime rib roast.  However you choose to prepare this primal, the taste and savings will surely be enjoyed!

Average weight 6.25 pounds. 

All of our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.
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