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All Purpose Seasoning

All Purpose Seasoning

1 - 6.5 ounce bottle All Purpose Seasoning mix
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Our All Purpose Seasoning is a delightful natural seasoning we discovered in St. Louis in January of 2006. The 40 year family recipe was created by a chemical sensitive home maker. Way ahead of her time, this creative mother of four used a coarse un-refined salt and added cilantro and parsley as the two dominant spices and topped it off with several minor herbs. 100% gluten-free with no MSG or preservatives used!

Use to season steaks, roasts, chicken, pork, fish and lamb. Sprinkle on and rub it in. A little goes a long way.

To pan-fry burgers, fish and etc., just sprinkle bottom of pan with the seasoning.  Add to salads, potatoes, vegetables, soups, sauces, gravies and etc.

Long story short this is one of the best kept secrets for years in St. Louis.

1 bottle weighs 6.5 ounces

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