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Au jus
Roasted beef served with natural pan juices that accumulate during cooking.

To cook, covered or uncovered, in an oven by dry heat.

To keep foods moist during cooking with a sauce, pan juice or wine.

To mix ingredients rapidly so that air is incorporated, resulting in a smooth mixture.

To combine ingredients until a desired consistency is reached, usually until smooth.

To heat water or other liquids to 212 degrees F. When water boils the surface is covered with bubbles.

A slow, moist heat cooking method using a small amount of liquid and a tight-fitting lid. Used for less tender cuts.

A quick, dry heat cooking method done in the oven using the broiler setting. Used for more tender cuts. Less tender cuts can be used if marinated.

Broiler Pan
A rectangular pan with a rack, usually included in the purchase of an oven.

The liquid in which meat has been cooked. Canned beef broth can be found as double-strength and single-strength. Double-strength is more concentrated.

To cook food quickly in a preheated oven, broiler, or hot skillet to "brown" the outside and seal in the juices.

To split food down the center without cutting all the way through so two pieces can be opened like butterfly wings.

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To slice meat across the grain for serving.

Hard toasted or fried pieces of bread used to garnish.

To cut food into uniform half-inch squares.

To preserve meat by either smoking, drying, pickling or salting.

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To dissolve the small particles of sauteed meat remaining in a pan by adding a liquid and heating. Used as base for sauces.

To remove the fat from the surface of a liquid.

To cut into equal sized cubes, 1/4 to 1/2 inch square.

To make a sauce or stock weaker by adding more liquid.

To coat meat with a dry mixture such as flour, bread or cracker crumbs.

To pour liquid over the surface of food in a fine stream.

Dry heat cooking
Cooking without the addition of liquid. Examples include grilling, broiling and pan frying. Used for tender cuts or less tender cuts that have been marinated.

Dutch oven
A heavy pot with a tight-fitting cover.

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To cut meat away from the bone.

Fork Tender
A way to determine doneness of braised or stewed meat. Meat should feel tender when inserting a fork into the thickest part.

A mixture brushed on food which adds flavor and gives a glossy appearance.

A quick, dry heat cooking method over charcoal, wood or gas flames. Used for more tender cuts. Less tender cuts can be used if marinated.

To cut fruits, vegetables or meats into match-like strips.

Cubes of meat cooked on a skewer.

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A mixture used to enhance the flavor and/or tenderness of food.

To let meat stand in a flavorful, usually acidic, liquid for several hours to add flavor or to tenderize.

Meat thermometer
An instrument used to read the internal temperature of meat.

Moist heat cooking
Adding liquid during preparation to create steam. Improves tenderness of less tender cuts. Examples include braising and stewing.

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Pan broil
A quick, dry heat cooking method using a pan on a stovetop. No oil is used and the pan is uncovered. Used for thinner cuts.

Pan fry
A quick, dry heat cooking method using a pan with a small amount of oil. No lid is used. Used for thinner cuts. Also called sauteing.

To partially cook food in boiling water before completely cooking by some other process.

To set an oven or broiler at the desired temperature 15 to 30 minutes before use so that the temperature is reached before food is put in to cook.

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A slow, dry heat cooking method used for cooking larger cuts of beef. No liquid is added or cover is used. Used for more tender cuts.

A thin slice of meat rolled up with or without stuffing and cooked in seasoned liquid or sauteed.

A blend of herbs and spices that coats the surface of the meat. Used to add flavor.

To brown or cook food in a small amount of oil.

To brown the surface of food quickly using high heat.

To pull meat apart into small pieces using two forks.

To cut food into same size flat pieces.

Slow Cooker
Also known as a crock pot.

A slow, moist heat cooking method using a pot with a tight-fitting lid. The beef should be completely covered in liquid. Used for less tender cuts.

A quick, dry-heat cooking method using a lightly oiled skillet or wok. Use high heat while continuously tossing ingredients. Any cut can be used as long as it is cut into thin, uniform strips.

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A round bottom pan used for stir fry and other cooking methods using high heat.

Wonton skins
A thin noodle dough that is used in Oriental recipes. Often available in the produce area of the grocery store.

To remove, in fine strips, the outermost peel of citrus fruits. Be careful not to include the bitter, inner white pith.

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