What happens when you cook with U.S. Wellness Meats products?   Culinary magic.

Cindy Anschutz

Cindy Anschutz converted to Paleo in 2010 when she was diagnosed with high cholesterol. As an Italian it was difficult at first to give up pasta and Italian bread but now she has taken her favorite family recipes and follows the Paleo diet using fresh herbs, vegetables and grass-fed meat and sustainably-caught seafood. Food in her home is filling and delicious but still has the Italian flair. Cindy and her husband Glenn are known for their dinner parties where planning and execution is a breeze serving Paleo hors d’oeurves, main dishes and the perfect ending for dessert to complete a great experience for everyone. Cindy is an early riser and starts off her day at Crossfit then to her local market to seek out the freshest ingredients and find inspirations to prepare delicious meals. You can find out more information on Cindy by visiting her website at www.CindysTable.com and her popular Facebook Page at Entertaining Paleo. Cindy lives in Marlborough, CT with her husband Glenn and dog Jake.

Q: How did you get involved in cooking to begin with? Was it something you learned to love early on or did you come to it later?

I have been cooking since I was able to reach the counter in my grandmother’s kitchen. Cooking allows me to be creative and is very relaxing to me. I use high quality ingredients and take a lot of pride into every meal I prepare for my family and friends. As the oldest in my family I was responsible for most of the cooking in my house growing up. Although my career took me on a business path where I owned and operated a successful software training company for 20 years. Cooking was still a passion while I raised 2 children as a single mother. Over the past 4 years I found myself adjusting to being an empty nester as I was so used to running around that it was a quite an adjustment. As life changed and I always had the passion for planning, cooking meals and entertaining I started to change more of my life and start focusing on becoming a chef. During the summer months I work at a local restaurant and gain hands-on experience and new techniques. I am publishing my Italian cookbook this summer which are recipes I shared with my grandmother along with self inspirations throughout the years. I plan on publishing Entertaining Paleo within the year.

Q: Why is eating grass-fed meat and sustainably-caught fish different? How does it affect your cooking?

The texture and taste is an immediate difference noticed by my entire family. The grass-fed meat is much leaner and does cook quicker. The truth is I never really enjoyed beef until I started using grass-fed. When serving sustainably-caught fish to my family it gives me satisfaction and comfort that I am putting healthy seafood in their precious bodies.

Q: Is it just about health? Or is there more to it than that?

It is about health but it is everything. We all want to have a healthy life, be fit and energized. Knowing that I am doing everything I can by providing my family a healthy option when they are home makes me feel like I am doing my job as a mom and wife. At the end of the day we are eating healthy and enjoy our time together at the table!

Q: How did you learn about grass-fed meat?

I did purchase grass-fed meat from time to time. About 2 years ago when I really took the time to learn more about the quality and health benefits did I make the solid switch to only purchase and consume grass-fed meat.

Q: Why is it so important to have the right ingredients?

It is extremely important and this is why!! You need to plan what you are preparing by understanding the recipe. Next gather all of the ingredients. Don’t just skim through the recipe but read it and make a list if you are going shopping. When cooking with beef especially know what cut is required. You would not use the same cut of beef for slow cooking and grilling. Season properly and use the specified technique. Once you are comfortable with different ingredients then document your process and share with your community. Have fun in the kitchen!

Q: What are the most important keys to success for the home chef?

Keep your pantry stocked and know where to purchase your fresh vegetables, meat and seafood. Plan your meals in advance and try to do your shopping on a specific day with a list. When trying new recipes include them with other choices everyone loves to see on their plate. Don’t decide to create an entire new meal. Get inspired by magazines, cooking shows or other blogs. Have fun in the kitchen and be creative!

Q: What are your best tips for home cooking?

Have an organized kitchen with a selection of dried herbs and condiments available at all times. This way if you are at a local store and see an amazing piece of fish all of your other ingredients are waiting for you. Buy in bulk and freeze in small containers. Read the entire recipe and have fun in the kitchen. Have your friends over and cook together.

Q: What is your favorite recipe using grass-fed meat?

As an Italian my 2 favorite recipes using grass-fed meat are my Paleo Italian Meatballs and Loaded Stuff Peppers. You can find both of the recipes on my website www.CindysTable.com.