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Josh Galliano

Josh Galliano
Executive Chef at Monarch Restaurant & Wine Bar in St. Louis

Josh Galliano is the Executive Chef at Monarch Restaurant & Wine Bar in St. Louis. He knows the importance of top-quality, local and seasonal ingredients, so he jumped at the chance to be this month's Featured Chef.

Chef Galliano earned his Grand Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu in London while honing his skills at Michelin-starred restaurants like Roussillon and The Connaught Hotel. His began his United States career at Commander's Palace in New Orleans and went on to cook with Daniel Boulud in New York City.

Chef Galliano was invited to cook for the James Beard Awards banquet in June 2008. He was also nominated as a semi-finalist for The James Beard Awards "Midwest Chef" in 2009.

Though he's currently very busy with a new addition to his family, Josh took the time to share his "Autumn Lamb Duo" creation with us.

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