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CLA - remember this new acronym!
It's going to change the way America eats for the better! It's amazing what a difference diet really makes, for cattle and for us. When cattle eat right, beef is incredibly good for you! Read on.

International scientific research is demonstrating positive results in:
• Combating Cancer
• Combating Arteriosclerosis (clogged arteries)
• Reducing Body Fat
• Delays the onset of Diabetes

Research conducted over the last decade has discovered a naturally occurring substance in beef, conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. Michael Pariza first discovered CLA at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in his anticancer research. In multiple research studies, CLA has been shown to both reduce the incidence of cancer and suppress the growth of existing cancers in laboratory animals.

Recent studies in Europe indicated that patients with higher levels of CLA in breast tissue had less tumor growth. Other animal studies have correlated CLA with decreasing body fat and increasing lean body mass. One study showed that humans receiving CLA had a significant decrease in body fat as compared to the placebo group. Yet other research has shown that CLA delays the onset of diabetes and aids the battle against arteriosclerosis (coronary artery disease).

There are good fats, fats that contain essential nutrients for life and health. In the American diet, beef and milk fat are the best sources for CLA. But studies have also shown that the cattle's diet has a significant impact on the amount of CLA in the meat and dairy products. Not surprisingly, when cattle eat their natural diet, foraging pasture grasses and legumes, CLA levels are 30-40% higher. CLA levels drop dramatically in feed lots where cattle are fed grain and other byproduct feedstuff.

The first chamber of the bovine stomach sets the stage for fatty acid production. The pH 7 of the grazing animal contains the family of bacteria that produces high levels of omega 3 and CLA due to near base saturation. The beef animal consuming grain in the first chamber stomach has a very acidic pH. This set stage for a different bacteria family, that result in higher omega 6 production and lower omega 3 and CLA output. Free range grazing animals result in a win win for the environment and consumers alike.

U.S. Wellness Meats will give you the CLA advantage. Health food stores are beginning to sell CLA supplements, but studies suggest that naturally occurring CLA is metabolized and used differently than synthetic CLA. See the research and reference section of our site for source document information.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid for human growth and development. We must have it to be healthy. Grass-finished beef is a great source for this essential nutrient. Research demonstrates that Omega 3 is great for individuals with heart disease, and other studies are showing that Omega 3 may also have an anti-carcinogenic effect. The source of Omega 3 is the green leaves of plants. When cattle eat their natural diet, beef becomes a great source of Omega 3. Grain is not a rich source of Omega 3, so standard, cattle-finishing practices cause the Omega 3 level to decrease dramatically. Our grass-finishing protocol produces a natural source for Omega 3, at U.S. Wellness Meats.

Because U.S. Wellness Meats cattle are raised and finished in their natural environment, eating their natural diet, the meat is much leaner than the beef of standard, grain-finished livestock. Grass-fed beef has a much better fatty acid ration and less total fat than grain-fed animals! The myth is that cattle must be grain-fed to be tender and tasty, but we now know better. U.S. Wellness Meats is leaner, so you'll need to cook it at lower temperatures. Wait until you sink your teeth into the lean, clean flavor of U.S. Wellness Meats. You'll find that regular beef flavor has been replaced by a more robust beef flavor that you will love, AND as an added bonus, it's GREAT for you!

At U.S. Wellness Meats we eat what we sell! We are absolutely committed to the highest standards of food quality and safety. No pesticides or herbicides are used on the pastures where our cattle graze. No preservatives or additives are in our products. No growth implants, feed grade antibiotics or unnecessary antibiotics are given to the animals. Animals are only given antibiotics when necessitated for the treatment of illness. When this occurs the cattle must meet our required withdrawal time prior to processing, which is double that of the industry standard. Cattle graze on a managed rotation, which provides them with consistently fresh forage.

We are also absolutely committed to the humane treatment of our animals. Stress is avoided, and the animals are provided with fresh, clean water to drink while they graze in their natural environment. Last, but not least, we do not irradiate our meat! U.S. Wellness Meats is carefully prepared for shipping in our processor's clean, safe, USDA-inspected facility. See our production protocol for more information.

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This comprehensive site indexes published research reports and
articles on CLA from professional journals over the last decade.

This site will permit the user to access abstracts to many indexed
medical and biological studies on conjugated linoleic acid. Abstracts
from many of the articles indexed in the site
may be viewed here.

For abstracts of several research studies on CLA, visit this web site
from the Life Extension Foundation. View their index page on conjugated
linoleic acid. You may then click on the listed study and read the abstract.

This study reveals the various levels of CLA in meat from cattle fed various
diets. The study finds that CLA levels are highest in cattle grazing on grass.

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This address will take you to AGRICOLA, which is a government database
of agricultural information. You can do more research here on CLA.

This address will take you to the Animal Science home page for Cornell
University. By clicking on the Publications Database, a search using the
key words "conjugated linoleic acid" will allow you to view research
published by Cornell's distinguished scholars on CLA.

Better decision making, The Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management

The science and economics of low cost cow calf production by Dick Diven.

Controlling Diabetes The Natural Way
by: Angela Pirisi



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